Little Box of Kindness Memory Games – BUNDLE

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Raise kind, confident and compassionate children.

Our kindness memory games help your little ones learn and understand the importance of kindness and compassion; whilst helping to develop brain function, memory and focus.

The bundle includes all three box sets:

  • Little Box of Kindness – Original (orange)
  • Acts of Kindness (pink)
  • Be Kind to the Environment (green)

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Each box has a targeted focus.

The Little Box of Kindness memory game box is about learning to love themselves, be inclusive and accepting of others, positive thinking and using manners.

The Acts of Kindness box is designed to inspire children to be inclusive, accepting others for their differences, give without expecting anything in return and show empathy.

The Be Kind to the Environment box educates children on how to care for our environment throughout their daily activities; to help shape the world they are growing up in.


How to Use your Kindness Memory Game Cards

Help grow your little ones into kind, compassionate and confident humans by teaching them how to be kind to others, themselves and our beautiful planet.

  1. Spread all 20 cards out on the floor, face down.
  2. The first player selects two cards to turn over. If the two cards are a matching pair then they take the two cards and have another turn. If playing with an adult, use this opportunity to have a conversation about the message on the card. For example: explain why they should turn the lights off when they leave the room *be kind to the environment edition*
  3. If the cards are not match, turn the cards back over and the next player takes their turn.
  4. Whoever has the most cards when all cards have been turned over and collected is the winner.


You can also use the cards to create beautiful conversations with your children. Simply draw a card from any of the boxes and sit down with your child to explain the meaning behind it. Perfect for a bedtime ritual.

2 reviews for Little Box of Kindness Memory Games – BUNDLE

  1. Amy Hanson

    “My four year old absolutely loves these memory games. She loves them because they’re fun, interesting and challenging, which is important when you’re four. I love them because they get us talking about kindness not only towards each other but also towards the environment. Also, they’re great quality. They’re thick and sturdy which is necessary when they’re being played with by rough little hands all the time. We received them as a gift and I can’t tell you how nice it was to receive something that will help shape my kids’ minds and hearts rather than just another plastic toy!”

  2. Jane Paterson

    “Such a beautiful concept to help encourage our little ones to be kind, thoughtful and aware. They love picking a card each morning and trying their hardest to put it into action throughout the day. Thank you Jodi for helping to make a difference in this crazy little world we live. We love them so much we also bought a set to share with the school classroom for other studnets to enjoy.”

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