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At Love from J, our aim is to improve the world for a kinder tomorrow. Through purpose driven acts of kindness, simple words of love and a carefully curated suite of products, our sole purpose is to put one smile on one face every day.

Our posse of social change agents thrive on spreading kindness as far and as wide as humanly possible, whilst building a community of those who believe in the power of kindness.

Alone we can make a difference. Together we can change the world.






In a world filled with so much negativity, small acts of kindness, gratitude and self-love go a long way. It’s because of this, we want to encourage and support the push for more kindness in everyday life; to others, ourselves, and our beautiful planet.

Our purpose for Love from J is to touch the lives of as many people across the world as we can, and hopefully inspire each of these people to inject a daily dose of kind to someone else, who pays it forward to someone else and so on.

Spread a lil' love

We love the thought of putting a smile on a random strangers face, simply by leaving a few words of kindness behind.

Why you ask? Life can be hard and the world can be a crappy place; you never know what a few words of kindness can do for someone. To make them extra special, we hand write every note and make each one unique to it’s finder.

So whether you are having a bad day, need a little pick me up or simply love the idea of finding a little bit of love floating about – keep your eyes peeled for a little piece of paper signed ‘Love from J’.

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